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Devin Craig
Culture Champion

First we start with clarity.


Clarity of purpose, value, strategy and goals.


Learn more.

Team Transformer

Teams are the foundation of an organization and building block of workplace culture.

Learn how to make them truly great.

Super Manager

People managers matter a ton in creating awesome workplace cultures.

Get the tools to build them.

Devin faciltated hands down the best team building for my team that I've ever experienced and I've been through a lot of 'em!

Mike Shields

Director of Corporate Partnerships, Goodwill of the Olympic and Rainer Regions

Devin was instrumental in helping us create Evergreens early culture and organizational structure. He's passionate and clearly lays out issues and then offers solutions. Highly recommend!


Todd Fishman

Founder & CEO, Evergreens

How healthy is your organization? How clear and intentional is your culture? How about politics. silos and confusion? If you think your organization could be healthier, c...
Workplace Culture Consultation
30 min
Free Consultation
Talk through the dynamic of your team or teams within your organization. Talk through the teams' effectiveness, a potential game plan and how to grow their effectiveness ...
Cohesive Team Consultation
30 min