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Here are a list of books that have helped me and can hopefully help you on your leadership and personal growth journey.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team is a classic on teamwork.   Its told in a story format about a leader taking over a dysfunctional group and leading them to a become a high functioning team by learning about the 5 dysfunctions of a team and working to overcome them.

Death By Meeting is another great book by Lencioni that shares a great model and outline for one of the typically most painful parts of organizational life, meetings.   Told in story format that engages from the start.

An accompanying resource to the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.  This is a great tool that outlines the 5 dysfunctions and then gives a practical approach as to how to facilitate team building activities that help teams to overcome each dysfunction.   Excellent resource, I highly recommend.

A great introduction book to learn about everything emotional intelligence.   And it even has an assessment at the end to gauge where you are.   This is also great to use for an entire team to learn more about each other.

Based on the great work by Gallup and Clifton on Strengths, this book is a great combo because it allows you to take the Strengths assessment and the book teaches all about the concept of Strengths and then connects to how to lead a team based on Strengths.   Also another great team building tool.

One of my favorites.   Lencioni's capstone work bringing together all of his connects into one that he calls organizational health.   It's not told in usual story format but still a very engaging read.

Another one of my favorites.   It combines military history, leadership and organizational design and culture.   The author is General Stanley McCrystal and he talks about how he transformed the Special Operations command into a more agile organization in order to defeat Al Queda in Iraq.   And then he outlines how this would not only work in nearly all other organization but will be increasingly necessary as the world becomes more complex.

Another great book on teamwork.   It actually fits nicely with the 5 Dysfunctions of a team.   Mark Miller talks about the 3 foundations of high performing teams as talent, skills and community.

An awesome read about how Nick Sarillo, owner of a pizza restaurant, turned his business into a great and thriving one that has created raving fans of its customers and inspired other companies to follow suite.   The way he did it?   A focus on creating a purpose filled and empowered culture for his team.

A book that redefines what we normal think when we hear, "its just business".   Well Bob Chapman's business is people, second is making money and managing and organization.   He wonderfully outlines how he and Barry Wehmiller, his company, are modeling the way of how to be a truly human business leader.

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