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Consulting Services

Organizational Health


Healthy organizations are ones that have minimal politics, confusion, silos and turf wars, high productivity and morale and low turnover.


It is nothing soft however it is intangible and effects all aspects of an organization.   Unfortuately it is rare and you will need a guide and coach to help you organization become healthier.


Organizational Health consulting to include:

  • Teaching of the overall concepts of organizational health

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your organization's health

  • Plan of approach to improve

  • Ongoing support to ensure sustainment

Leadership Development


Leadership and management work together symbiotically but are not the same thing.    Both are skills to be developed.   Leadership is the ability to bring out the fullest potential in others.   


There are so many books, research, approaches and materials on leadership and management it can be daunting to sift through it all and determine what is accurate and most effective.   Every leader can improve their skills by leveraging a coach and expert.


Leadership development consulting services offered:

  • Teaching of foremost management and leadership approaches

  • Facilitation of a variety of effective leadership assessments

  • Individual or group leadership development plans of action

  • Leadership development program design and implementation 

Team Development


Building, leading, sustaining and elevating teams and their performance is an art and science.   Leaders of teams are crucial and sometimes need consultation and an objective point of view to elevate their team.


In order for a team, regardless of industry or function, to be truly exceptional it must overcome five dysfunctions.


Team development services include:

  • Teaching and training on the concepts of teams

  • Clarity of the five dysfunctions of a team

  • Evaluation of team's functioning

  • Plan of action to improve effectiveness of your team

  • Facilitation of the team improvement process

  • Follow on consultation to ensure sustainment

Operations Consulting


Expert consulting in the fields of:

  • retail operations

  • food service operations

  • branding and brand management

  • business management

  • business infrastructure and processes

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