It's the question I've been asking myself for some time now ever since I started following Simon Sinek and read his book Start With Why (http://amzn.to/2BDZ2RZ) and since I was recently in a career transition. I've been asking what is my "why". What motivates me? Why am I so passionate about the things I am? Group dynamics, leadership, healthy families, organizational culture.

I believe mine has mostly to do with the pain I've experienced in my life. Much of the challenges I have experienced have to do with dysfunction. Dysfunction in my family growing up and dysfunction in most of the teams and workplaces of which I have been a part.

This guiding purpose in my life is a leading factor in what led me to my wife. She is motivated by the same things and values the same type of behavior and interaction within a family; honesty, fierce loyalty, regular quality time, living life together, putting the other members before yourself.

Work, for the majority of my life, had been a refuge, a place to pursue my ambitions, where I could escape the dysfunction at home when I was younger. But over time I started experiencing it there too. Out of frustration with experiencing dysfunction in every capacity in my life and a burning desire to create healthy dynamics around in me at home and work, I have become increasingly passionate about leadership and many related and niche topics within the study.

Searching for my why has led me to start this blog and is what motivated me to start my business in training and consulting on the topics I believe reduce dysfunction in the workplace: leadership, teamwork and organizational health.

So this the next phase in my attempt to live my why. To help bring healthy dynamics to our organizations through great leadership. I plan to share in this blog the things I have learned as a student and practitioner of leadership in order to help others, continue my own growth, inspire more effective leadership and hopefully improve the world in some small way.

Thank you and I appreciate you reading and thank you in advance for your future reading and support.

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