What Makes a Great People Manager? Part 5: Results Driver

Getting stuff done is pretty much the end goal, the point and purpose of why we have our job and what others like our teams, bosses, shareholders and costumer need and expect from us as people managers.

The great news is, the better you become at all of the other people manager skills covered in this series, the better and easier results come.

Driving results as a people manager is two-fold: you getting stuff done and getting stuff done with and through others.

Get Er' Done

The quote made famous by Larry the Cable Guy is a leadership and personal effectiveness mantra. If you want to be effective in life and in leadership then live it, love it, breathe it! Being productive and results driven is two-fold: Mindset and System.


The first thing you have to have is the right mindset. Do something. Just get after it. Once you get something in the inbox, either delete, delegate, plan or ditch. Don’t let it just sit there indefinitely and don’t just defer. Deferring will get you and the pile will only grow. So get your mind right and train yourself to have a bent towards action.


Once you have the right mindset and you are ready to get after it, build yourself a system to manage it. For example, I’m all electronic. Stuff into my inbox, I check it by either phone or laptop and it either gets deleted, filed, delegated, done or planned for. If I've delegated or planned for it, I both flag it in the inbox with the date I need to do it, or I book time right onto my calendar to get it done, or flag it for when I plan to check in with the person owning it. I am also constantly evaluating what I should be owning and what others should be owning. The less I directly own, the more flexibility I have to ebb, flow, help others and exercise all of the other people manager skills to enable success of my team.

And by the way, when you get things done, and follow up on commitments you make to your team, you build trust, confidence and culture.

Pacesetting the Team

The more important part of your role as a people manager is to help your team get things done, to perform.

Help Them Get Organized

This means doing the same for individuals on your team they same way you did for yourself. Help them prioritize and set systems for themselves.

Build Team Systems

This is the ultimate team results machine. If you can incorporate a system that delegates, plans and follows up publicly and as a team, it can up everyones game and supportively and healthily force everyone to make sure they're more productive and plan-full if they know they need to deliver on a commitment they made to their entire team. This can be as simple as in your weekly team meetings when problem solving or idea sharing on how to get closer to attaining your team goals, ask the idea sharers to own their idea to fruition and report back to the team each meeting. This can be very powerful and lets all members know, if you have an idea, you own it are expected to follow it through as a commitment to your team.

Moving on to Part 6

Part 6 will be about career development. We will dive into different ways people managers can effectively nurture their teams' career aspirations and skill building. So see you next week!

Thanks for reading!


Devin Craig



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