Teamwork is All Fun and Games Until Work Needs to Get Done

Trust Falls

Most "team building" is game oriented.

Nothing wrong with that.

Other than the fact that most all of us don't play games for a living!

Of course we want to have fun at work. The problem is when our team's are dysfunctional it's almost impossible to have fun.

Politics, infighting, silos, lack of accountability, not being in invested in each other, lack of trust, talking behind each other's back, boring, life-sucking, ineffective meetings, poor performance and not reaching our potential individually and collectively. Just some of the painful things we experience from dysfunctional teams.

We choose to be part of a team and give up some level of independence because we know we can accomplish more together than we could on our own.

Lazslo Bock, former SVP of People at Google and author of Work Rules

So how do we fix it?

I know, let's go play some games!


Having fun together could help, yes, but we have to talk about work too and firstly.

Sit down and get it all out.

What's working, what's not, what makes each member tick, how do we want to communicate, who does what and how do we want to get things done on our team? These are the types of things we need to get on the same page about as a team before we go play games.

Otherwise, guess what? We go back to work after all the games and we still have all the dysfunction! We're still not all unified and on the same page. That's why most people roll their eyes at "team building". No wonder!

And then after we get unified on how our team will function then let's go have some fun, have dinner, do a shared struggle activity whatever as reinforcement of the fact that we're a team and solidify trust and learn more about each other.

Oh and by the way. It's going to be incredibly fun winning as a team!

If you want help actually making your team more cohesive and really getting to the root of what makes a great, great. Reach out to me either through email or schedule a free consultation with this link.

Thanks and good luck to you on your team building journey!

Devin Craig

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