What Does it Take to Build Super People Managers?

Mindset, skill set, practice and community.

When mindset, skillset, practice and community are combined, they are very powerful, just like Captain Planet (throw back to my childhood cartoons).

Employees are more empowered than ever before whether organizations are intending or liking it or not. Technology is helping them to be more connected to internal and external collaborators, past and present colleagues. It’s helping them to make more informed decisions about where to work and how to get work done.

Employers are now even being graded just like Yelp and Google reviews have done for years in empowering consumers.

All of this transparency of information and empowerment of people is lending towards people’s expectations to rise.

Good. They should. The old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore.And the place that most of this attention is focused is on leaders and managers.

Organizations now have to better equip and prepare managers and leaders at every level. Including and especially at the outer and front line edges of the organization.

And how can that be accomplished?

Mindset, skill set, practice and community.


First we need to address our mindsets as leaders. Things like do we believe people are naturally good and want to do well and be successful and contribute to something bigger than themselves or do we believe the opposite.

Other types of questions to ponder are do you believe in a growth or fixed mindset? In other words to you believe we can all constantly grow, evolve and change or not?

Lastly, we need to know our “Why”. The intrinsic, core purpose, cause or mission that drives and motivates us. Along with knowing the “Why” of our organization.

Answering questions like the above will help us to know what types of skillsets we need to prioritize, value and invest in.


If you are more of the mindset that people are good and are able to constantly grow and develop then you may embrace a list like Google’s.

Google studied themselves internally and found that the best managers and team leaders had the list of skills pictured here.

This set of skills is what the Super Manager book and training are based on. Along with the belief that people are good and deserve trust and freedom.

When an organization knows what it believes, identifying and investing in the right leadership and management skills get much easier.


Practicing both mindset and skill set together is the next step in the process that is critical to change, evolution and transformation.

Talking about mindsets and skill sets is one thing, but having to act on it and put yourself out there is a whole other story.

It requires taking risk, being wrong, screwing up and trying again. This takes a lot of vulnerability which can be scary. But the more we put ourselves out there as leaders, the safer we make it for others.

This element is another aspect of the Super Manager Training where people are asked to reflect on current state, learn new ideas and methods and then try them out together and make a plan to take it beyond the training day.


Last, but arguably the most important is community.

Taking these steps with a group of like-minded individuals together creating safety to learn, explore, fail and push and nudge and encourage each other to keep going is the ultimate transformational tool.

We are social beings and want to be around others that have the same the interests, goals and beliefs at heart.


The Super Manager Training is based on all of the above described elements. If you want to build truly Super people managers that help move your organization into the future all the while taking exquisite care of your best investment then reach out.

The class can be done in a 1-Day primer, 6-month catalyst or 12-month transformation format.

Send me a note or take a look at our website for more details.

And take a look at some pictures and testimonial from our last 1-day primer below.And best of luck to you in building Super Managers.

Devin Craig



“This was an awesome training. I loved learning and growing together as a team.”

-Jessica Whitmore, General Manager, Serv Pro, South Puget Sound area

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